• Electronic schematic design using CAD software
  • High-speed, impedance matched, rigid-flex compatible, multi layer PCB design
  • Firmware & embedded software for different types or processor architectures
  • Digital design and verification for all types of FPGAs & CPLDs


  • Electronic assembly production line complete with optical & X-Ray inspection
  • Dedicated automatic conformal coating and PCB & PCBA cleaning system
  • Electromechanical integration using necessary measures for extreme environmental conditions
  • Encapsulating / potting applications using specific curing & vacuum equipment


  • Functionality testing & HW specific Automatic Test System development
  • Testing software development i.a.w. customer specifications
  • In-house capability for temperature, vibration and power quality tests


  • Obsolescence management compatible with international standards
  • Quick response to Last-to-Buy and End-of-Life announcements of producers
  • Preparing related plans for after-sales-support

Embedded Electronics for Mission-Critical Environments
FPGA System Design and Verification
Avionics and Vehicle Electronics
Electronic Assembly and Electromechanic Integration