Cygnus Family consists of System-on-Modules which provide the user the capability of combining the software and hardware programmability of ARM processors and Xilinx FPGA’s integrated in Xilinx System-on-Chips. Cygnus SoM Family provides end-to-end solution with different SoM models equipped with low end, small package Zynq-7014s to high end, complex architecture Ultrascale+ 7EV.

Cygnus SoM’s are all populated with components capable of working under extended temperature range including the automotive grade Xilinx SoC’s. Combining with the high mating cycle, high reliability board-to-board connectors SoM’s are compatible with systems demanding high vibrations. Cygnus SoM’s are small form factor and rugged cards which can be paired with Artron developed carrier boards in order to reduce the application development cycle.

ART-CYG-ZN1Q-0720XC7Z020CLG400---upto 2 X 4Gb DDR335 mm x 45 mm
ART-CYG-ZN2Q-0720XA7Z020CLG484---upto 2 X 4Gb DDR335 mm x 45 mm
ART-CYG-ZN3Q-0720XA7Z020CLG484128Gbupto 2 X 4Gb DDR340 mm x 50 mm
ART-CYG-ZN4Q-0730XA7Z030FBV484128Gbupto 2 X 4Gb DDR370 mm x 60 mm
ART-CYG-ZN5Q-0745XC7Z045FBG676128Gbupto 2 X 4Gb DDR370 mm x 60 mm
ART-CYG-US1Q-07EV/EG/CGXCZU7EV/EG/CGFBVB900128Gbupto 6 X 16Gb DDR480 mm x 64 mm
ART-CYG-US1Q-04EV/EG/CGXCZU4EV/EG/CGFBVB900128Gbupto 6 X 16Gb DDR480 mm x 64 mm
ART-CYG-US2Q-07EV/EG/CGXCZU7EV/EG/CGFBVB900Ready128GbReadyupto 4 X 16Gb DDR484 mm x 59 mm
ART-CYG-US2Q-04EV/EG/CGXCZU4EV/EG/CGFBVB900Ready128GbReadyupto 4 X 16Gb DDR484 mm x 59 mm