We develop simple and complex analog and digital circuits with the efficient and innovative technologies and advanced design and simulation tools. We have extensive experience with acquisition systems, analyzers, debuggers and emulators. We offer you professional support for all phases of your project, from concept and design to testing and integration.

As Artron’s primary field of application, Electronic hardware design has always been company’s pride. With its experience in development of analog, digital and mixed circuitry, Artron utilized its capabilities to deliver efficient and innovative products. Combining this experience with state-of-the-art design and simulation tools, challenging projects including high speed interfaces, high voltage and current analog circuitry, small size restrictions and thermal considerations were made possible. Depending on the customer’s requirements, designs can easily be shaped to accommodate custom needs or high-volume production features. Artron’s efficient product development and design process is tailored specifically to ensure best product is delivered to customer within limited amount of time.


Artron’s capabilities in Embedded Software Design is directly aligned with its capabilities in Electronic Hardware Design, as these two fields are inseparable by nature. Artron offers Embedded Design solutions for various platforms. Independent of platform architecture, whether it is Intel or Arm based CPU, design is implemented using an FPGA or CPLD, Artron is able to choose and deliver the most efficient and suitable solution to satisfy the customer’s requirements. In parallel to these capabilities, Artron has extensive experience in debugging, troubleshooting, testing and validation in its embedded software designs.


Utilizing its systems engineering team and defined processes, Artron ensures that the customer’s requirements are analysed, tracked, met, tested and verified in a continuous cycle throughout any project. The systems engineering activities defined within the company are compliant with recent standards and oversees the design, verification and configuration management activities for every single customer need. From early on requirements analysis to complete traceability of each and every requirement, systems engineering discipline resides in the heart of every study in Artron. In addition to an experienced team of engineers, Artron uses modern software tools to support systems engineering processes.